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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Perimenopause and homeschooling (no elegant segue here!)

OK, first, the new link to my new article. It's about the perils and pleasures of perimenopause!

Second, homeschooling! We're officially signed up with a charter school that specializes in homeschooling here, and I was blown away by our meeting with the counselor, who completely embraced Chebbles' trajectory as an advanced student. When I blithely mentioned the notion that she could go to Stanford, the counselor rolled up her sleeves and suggested a program by which we could practically ensure that it happens.

Not that four-year-olds should be on iron-clad rails to their futures, but I was inspired by the woman's seriousness, her resourcefulness, and the fact she just got a homeschool student into West Point (by encouraging him to become an Eagle Scout).

Lady, you had me at "geography bee."

Plus, we just returned from a picnic at a local park which was put on by the charter school -- all of these homeschool kids, ages 4-18, playing soccer and running relay races and (gasp) socializing with each other. It was awesome. It reminded me of my favorite parts of elementary school, and I'm glad that we don't have to sacrifice all the fun just because we're going the homeschool route.

And did I *mention* the Monterey Aquarium homeschool days? I'm just sayin'!
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