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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Every color of marker and crayon tends to get a fair shake around our house with one exception: yellow.

Everywhere in the craft cabinet I find pristine yellow crayons and markers.

I suppose it's the least satisfying color with which to draw.

I'm just feeling a little sorry for yellow.

Over and out.


Gruppie Mama said...

Red is numbah one in our house, and pink, even when it's not valentine's. We have NO unused ones, though, that I know of. That's funny about the yellow discrimination!

meg said...

I would have to agree. Yellow just isn't dark enough, you can't see it well enough on any paper!! Even our yellow marker never gets used! ha

Daniel Nabors Jr said...

Maybe someone needs to be introduced into the wonderful power of the sun and what one looks like on paper :D

mj said...

Yellow is a great color but we should think where it should be used or put.

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Anonymous said...

i used to always think that indigo was blue and when i colored in the sky with it and it looked like purple i would get really frustated