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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cat and Potato Ranch Dream

I'm thrilled to be writing again, for fun and profit! I'm currently researching an article for a good friend and now-editor-again -- for real.

Just as my singing with the Berkeley Broadway Singers fills me with a special kind of joy -- a favorite non-parenting-related pursuit -- writing feels like the other side of the coin for me.

If I can spend 80% of my waking hours in the presence of my friends and family (even if it's just making our beds and getting dressed -- "Where is your other shoe, for Pete's sake?"), and the other 20% singing and writing -- I'm good.

The cats are all in favor of my writing again, having gathered to 75% capacity around me as I research the article (Prince is, as usual, patrolling the perimeter. Someone has to take our safety seriously).

I imagine that once the kids fly the nest and I am spending a larger percentage of my time writing, I may need more cats -- to take shifts grounding me to my desk as I fly (via the Internet) around the world looking for esoteric studies on pregnant women.

So in 15 years, I'll be taking applications from cats who appreciate writing.

I have had a dream for many years, of what I call the Cat And Potato Ranch. We could grow organic food and host homeless cats while we run writing seminars. I imagine this taking place in a semirural area, as I must always maintain a 100 mile radius to professional musical theater productions. Or we could do it in our current home -- just dig up all of our decorative landscaping and plant food. Oooooh.

OK, back to mulling esoteric studies and enjoying the waning days of 2012 looking for shoes with my loved ones.
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