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Friday, February 15, 2013

Giving up TV for Lent

I can't believe I have to give up television AGAIN.

Recently, I got wrapped up in "Glee," then "Smash," then "Downton Abbey." I would obsess over the characters during the day and hastily put the girls to bed ("No, no more stories, I don't care how literate you are My top priority is finding out whether Robert has found a proper heir to the estate.")

(See image at right for the television addicts I have spawned, who must get their "fix" at the waiting room of the local swim school.)

So when Lent came around this year, it was clear what had to go. (Despite not being Catholic, I give up something for the Lenten season each year. For example, I gave up complaining about not having a minivan in 2008. I've also given up swearing, chocolate, and dairy over the years.)

Television is a painful choice. It holds so many juicy stories, so much addictive, serial content. I will miss having that panacea at the end of each day.

In my most judgmental moments, I get crazy about people who say they feel overwhelmed with their lives, and yet they watch every episode of "The Bachelor." That is just exactly like me. I went through a long period of "Law & Order" -- I had a checklist of all of the episodes ever aired, and I would tick them off as I watched each one. I have done this with "Monk" and "Lost" and "Pet Psychic." (But who could blame me for that one? The llama with the scarf episode? Genius.)

I've noticed I have a lot more time, suddenly, that I've finally watched "Downton Abbey" through the finale of season 3. (And those who have watched that episode will understand why I'm giving up television.)

And I have to be harsh with myself in order to truly give up all "TV" -- this means NO YouTube, no "webisodes" of anything, nothing that isn't personal video.

Instead, I'm planning to ship all of our old photos off to be scanned between now and Easter. Or maybe I'll have them made into a video so I can feed the television-starved beast I harbor within.
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