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Friday, April 12, 2013

Brush with Momastery

There was one thing better than anything else about coming to Glennon Melton's book reading in Marin County tonight.

There were many good things. First, hearing her read the story of her girls' Target meltdown and the kind police officer who frightened them into silence was priceless!

Hearing others ask questions that were on my mind was also good. (How are the kids handling the separation? What's next for Momastery? Is it OK to have our own lives separate from being parents?) (The answers to all of those questions was basically "yes.")

Oh, and meeting Glennon that was good too. We got to take this photo and I told her about Gigi "feeling too much" just like Glennon does. She told me that her daughter Tish is wired the same way, and recommended "The Highly Sensitive Child."

Yes, YES and I also made Laura be my friend. Laura and her wife Jaime were featured in a series of amazing videos about gay families. Theirs is here. So when I saw her, I totally recognized her and thought she was my friend, and made her talk with me AND then she introduced me to Jaime and I saw their tired yet spectacular son, Simon and was immediately hypnotized by his eyes.

It should be mentioned that Laura made a spectacular suggestion that we should have Momastery Cruises. 303 meets Momastery? She's a genius.

But the BEST PART of coming to the signing was meeting six new friends who had also been pulled away from their families on a Friday night and driven rather long distances to wait in line with fellow Monkees for more than two hours. Oh my God they were awesome, and two of them were also named Laura, including this awesome Laura. Then there is Sue, whose firefighting husband has been sidelined by cancer, so we were all secretly praying the whole time she was talking about him.

I mean REALLY, it's too much. In a great way. Goodnight new Momastery friends!

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